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A flyback transformer (FBT), also called a line output transformer (LOPT), is a special transformer, which is used for conversion of energy (current and voltage) in electronic circuits. It was initially designed to generate high current sawtooth signals at a relatively high frequency. In modern applications is used extensively in switched-mode power supplies for both low (3V) and high voltage (over 10 kV) supplies.

It was invented as a means to control the horizontal movement of the electron beam in a cathode ray tube (CRT). Unlike conventional transformers, a flyback transformer is not fed with a signal of the same waveshape as the intended output current. A convenient side effect of such a transformer is the considerable energy that is available in its magnetic circuit. This can be exploited using extra windings that can be used to provide power to operate other parts of the equipment. In particular, very high voltages are easily obtained using relatively few turns of winding which, once rectified, can provide the very high accelerating voltage for a CRT. Many more recent applications of such a transformer dispense with the need to produce high currents and just use the device as a relatively efficient means of producing a wide range of lower voltages using a transformer much smaller than a conventional mains transformer would be.

The flyback transformer is used in the operation of CRT-display devices such as television sets and CRT computer monitors. The voltage and frequency can each range over a wide scale depending on the device. For example, a large color TV CRT may require 20 to 50 kV with a horizontal scan rate of 15.734 kHz for NTSC devices. Unlike a power (or 'mains') transformer which uses an alternating current of 50 or 60 Hertz, a flyback transformer typically operates with switched currents at much higher frequencies in the range of 15 kHz to 50 kHz.


TR210 TR281 TR421 TR654
TR211 TR283 TR423 TR658
TR215 TR287 TR424 TR667
TR217 TR288 TR425 TR668
TR219 TR289 TR426 TR669
TR220 TR291 TR4279 TR670
TR221 TR294 TR4287 TR671
TR222 TR295 TR4290 TR672
TR223 TR296 TR4293 TR673
TR224 TR301 TR4297 TR675
TR226 TR307 TR434 TR677
TR230 TR308 TR437 TR688
TR231 TR309 TR441 TR7261
TR232 TR310 TR445 TR7271
TR234 TR319 TR446 TR7284
TR235 TR320 TR447 TR7294
TR236 TR328 TR448 TR7304
TR238 TR347 TR449 TR7320
TR241 TR355 TR450 TR7321
TR245 TR356 TR454 TR7359
TR246 TR358 TR466 TR7361
TR248 TR366 TR4662 TR7364
TR250 TR369 TR467 TR7405
TR251 TR373 TR4670 TR7436
TR252 TR375 TR4672 TR7437
TR253 TR377 TR4675 TR7438
TR255 TR378 TR4682 TR7447
TR258 TR379 TR4685 TR7468
TR260 TR380 TR4689 TR7497
TR261 TR381 TR504 TR7501
TR262 TR385 TR604 TR7520
TR264 TR394 TR63 TR7526
TR266 TR4028 TR630 TR7538
TR270 TR4029 TR630-00 RO
TR271 TR4179 TR630-01 RO002
TR272 TR4180 TR631 RO004
TR273 TR4183 TR632 RO005
TR274 TR4185 TR649 RO007
TR278 TR420 TR650 RO008
RO009 RO116 RO223 RO320
RO011 RO118 RO224 RO325
RO012 RO12 RO226 RO337
RO015 RO123 RO228 RO34
RO016 RO125 RO229 RO341
RO017 RO126 RO230 RO342
RO018 RO127 RO231 RO343
RO02 RO129 RO232 RO344
RO022 RO130 RO234 RO346
RO026 RO133 RO235 RO348
RO028 RO138 RO236 RO35
RO029 RO148 RO237 RO364
RO031 RO15 RO239 RO368
RO034 RO152 RO241 RO398
RO035 RO16 RO245 RO404
RO04 RO161 RO252 RO407
RO041 RO162 RO254 RO41
RO043 RO165 RO255 RO417
RO045 RO166 RO26 RO418
RO049 RO167 RO261 RO423
RO050 RO17 RO262 RO43
RO052 RO175 RO263 RO446
RO058 RO178 RO264 RO45
RO060 RO18 RO266 RO49
RO073 RO180 RO271 RO5
RO075 RO181 RO274 RO50
RO076 RO184 RO278 RO513
RO080 RO187 RO282 RO52
RO081 RO188 RO283 RO604
RO084 RO190 RO287 RO609
RO085 RO191 RO289 RO630
RO088 RO210 RO29 RO651
RO09 RO211 RO291 RO654
RO102 RO212 RO294 RO667
RO103 RO215 RO295 RO668
RO108 RO219 RO296 RO669
RO11 RO22 RO301 RO670
RO112 RO220 RO306 RO675
RO114 RO221 RO307 RO678
RO687 BSC0534 B BSC22-08103 BSC2410
RO688 BSC0612 BSC22-08132 BSC24-1101
RO7 BSC0613 BSC22-08205 BSC24-14059
RO73 BSC0614 BSC22-08617 BSC24-14367
RO75 BSC0706 BSC22-2012 BSC24-15024
RO76 BSC08-17064 BSC22-21114 BSC24-16005
RO8 BSC1001 BSC22-21725 BSC24-16036
RO80 BSC1003 BSC22-21735 BSC24-17220
RO804 BSC1004 BSC22-23436 BSC24-2592
RO81 BSC1005 BSC22-23683 BSC24-3353
RO83 BSC1006 BSC22-2807 BSC25-0120
RO837 BSC1008 BSC22-3378 BSC25-0120F
RO84 BSC1009 BSC22-6501 BSC25-0157
BSC BSC1010 BSC23-0167 BSC25-0278E
BSC0103 BSC1101 BSC23-0374 BSC2503
BSC0104 BSC1102 BSC23-0374 T BSC25-03189
BSC0106 BSC1202 BSC23-03749 BSC25-03191
BSC0108 BSC1302 BSC23-08102 BSC25-0561
BSC0109 BSC1304 BSC23-08616 BSC25-1103
BSC0113 BSC1307 BSC23-1110 BSC25-14172
BSC0207 BSC1308 BSC23-14021 BSC25-17210
BSC0208 BSC1311 BSC23-14042 BSC25-17545
BSC0243 BSC1502 BSC23-14058 BSC25-21475
BSC0371 BSC1503 BSC23-14183 BSC25-2505
BSC0371 B BSC1901 BSC23-17317 BSC25-2512
BSC0402 BSC19-23561 BSC23-17498 BSC25-2701
BSC0403 BSC20-0536 BSC23-2502 BSC25-2701B
BSC0406 BSC20-0578 BSC23-2517 BSC25-3604H
BSC0409 BSC20-14023 BSC23-3505 BSC25-5509
BSC0410 BSC21-0526F BSC24-0108 BSC25-6501
BSC0414 BSC21-3366 BSC24-01194 BSC2602
BSC0425 BSC21714 BSC24-0175 BSC2604
BSC0426 BSC22-001 BSC2402 BSC26-04369
BSC0455 B BSC2201 A BSC24-03185 BSC26-2121
BSC0501 BSC22-0106 BSC24-03663 BSC26-2302
BSC0506 BSC22-0106X BSC24-04131 BSC26-5601
BSC0514 BSC22-0134 BSC24-08007 BSC26-N0201A
BSC0515 BSC2203 BSC24-08164 BSC28-1931
BSC0519 BSC22-06 F BSC24-08313 BSC28-5308A
BSC3501 2422 531 02329 40337-38 5908-5016
BSC3501 24-2952 40337-45 600-101-2050
OTHER 2434852A 40348A-01 9602-06B
10555640 24-5002 40348A-11 A19184A2
10593630 29201.028.01 40348A-13 AT38143
20835940 29201.029.01 41761-00A AT90/11
964727700 29221.029.59 470943-01 AT90/11PINS
2009720773 2G25016 472741-00 AT90/23/01
1129453 2G25026 47320060C AT90/23/02
028-12 2G25027 47F13-0330 AT90/23/05
04-321-4008 3138 118 76411 47F13-0730S AT90/23/760
04-3220008 3138.128.75530 47F13-0860A AT90/23/760A
04-3720002 340-006018-02 4806-140-17029 AT90/25/03
051.698.01 36960—9  4806-140-17032 AT90/25/05
1142.1155B 400112-00 4806-140-17033 AT90/25/06
1142.5090N 40308-11 4806-140-17034 AT90/25/10
1142.5093D 40308-36 4806-140-17037 AT90/25/23
1142.5106B 40309-19C 4806-140-17045 AT90/7PINS
1142.5120A 40309-25 4806-140-17046 BGH20/26
1182.1627A 40330-10 4806-140-17047 BSH11-N06
1182.1657B 40330-35 48102 48169 BSH14-N303L
1182.1667B 40330-42 48155 38351 BSH14-N5B
1182.9009B 40330-47 4822.140.10623 BSM31-3102
1-228-171-00 40330-53 4822-140-10407 BV42-44
1-228-253-00 40330-56 4822-140-10623 BW00102
1-228-482-14 40330-64 4992-038 BW00211
1-228-544-00 40330-65 50H0000091 BW00224
1-228-733-00 40330-67 50H0000121 BW00422
1-230-948-11 40331-10 50H0000124 C-210HM
1-235-625-11 40331-23 50H0000134 CL1411LK
136-50989-20698 0003-8C 40331-25 50H0000142 CM83131
1372.0030A 40331-46 50H0000155 CO166
1372.0033C 40331-47 50H0000167 CP66
1372.0041F 40332-10 51-14145-1 C-THF-1458
1372.0042E 40332-16 51JE05110U-20 DCT1470
1372.0075A 40337-14 51JE-051405-00 DE50H0000155
1590-01-32AS 40337-14C 5908-05007-AA DFF98020
20-0101 40337-19 5908-05008A-AA DK42010B
23-3314 40337-21 5908-05009A-AA DM3510-69428
DMQ1445 FB183K GTA5002 KT10002
DNF2449 FB3005 GTA5010 KT2003
DS012 FB3009 GTA5011 KT3001
DS08 FB3412 GTA5021 KT3002
DS09 FB3412/13 GTA5028 KT5001
DS11 FB3412/13 GTA5033/B KT5004
DS3 FB5B GTA5306 KT5005
DS4 FBC1236AL GTA5307 KT6006
DS8 FBC1245AL H013JUGL KT6007
DS9 FBC1245CL H193 KT7001
DST004 FBI1420 H32-20 KT7002
DST011 FBT059 HB7140 KT7007
DST186B243 FBT079 HFS1418 KT7009
DST-2037 FBT099 I09-0502A-00 KT7010
DST-2044 FBT240 I09-0502A-AA L310021
DST79B243 FBT820 I09-0503A-00 L40A00100
DST85B243 FBT-CF152B I12-0501A-00 L40B05500
DST88B243 FK1009 I12-0501A-AA L40B07401
DST88N FL12104-1 I12-0502A-00 L7000-0026
DST88N243 FL2700 I12-0502A-AA LCECF0341
DT2078/20 FL2732A IKC2 LCECF124E
DW214FK(H) FLK29A061 IP14004 LCECF152B
E136049 FM0019 IP14033 LCECF44A
E34000911 FM1058 IP14039 LCEFB-5B
E70954CF65 FM19 IP14046 M10-01
E70954CF68 FMB13A IP14048 M10-02
EF22302MA FMC20B022 IP14059 M10-03
EF22304M FO1403 IP14060 M10-05
EF22418D FQB17A001 J2435063 M10-09
EF22428 G4797-00 J2436798 M10-20
EF22429 GN378773 JT159 M10-50
EF22432A GN378775 K9006 M12-02
EF22435 GN413799 KC40 M12-08
EF22445M GN423972 KC43 M12-10
EF22468 GN425765 KC45 M12-105
FAE667 GN425766 KD-1732A(RF) M12-120
FB1024 GS154165D KD-1732B(RF) M12-18
FB1053A GSFCB154164E KN2006 M12-19
FB1061A GSFCC154165D KONIG  M12-24
M12-26 ME/5937-00 ME/6046-00 ME/6124-00
M12-28 ME/5938-00 ME/6048-00 ME/6125-00
M12-45 ME/5939-00 ME/6060-00 ME/6127-00
M12-46 ME/5943-00 ME/6066-00 ME/6131-00
M12-85 ME/5944-00 ME/6068-00 ME/6132-00
M12-92 ME/5946-00 ME/6068-90 ME/6135-00
M12-93 ME/5949-00 ME/6069-00 ME/6136-00
M12-96 ME/5950-00 ME/6070-00 ME/6138-00
M241691 ME/5954-00 ME/6071-00 ME/6149-00
M29201.028.01 ME/5955-00 ME/6072-00 ME/6155-00
M29201.028.53 ME/5956-00 ME/6075-10 ME/6170-00
M29201.029.01 ME/5958-00 ME/6075-15 ME/6171-00
ME/0334-10 ME/5958-01 ME/6076-00 ME/6176-00
ME/0334-13 ME/5970-00 ME/6077-00 ME/6178-00
ME/0334-29 ME/5973-00 ME/6078-00 ME/6180-00
ME/5061-00 ME/5974-00 ME/6079-00 ME/6182-00
ME/5092-00 ME/5991-00 ME/6080-00 ME/6201-00
ME/5093-00 ME/5992-00 ME/6081-00 ME/6217-00
ME/5274-00 ME/5994-00 ME/6082-00 ME/6232-00
ME/5291-00 ME/5996-00 ME/6084-00 ME/6234-00
ME/5291-01 ME/5998-00 ME/6085-00 ME/6237-00
ME/5292-00 ME/5999-00 ME/6086-00 ME/6238-00
ME/5292-01 ME/6000-00 ME/6088-00 ME/6239-00
ME/5296-00 ME/6002-00 ME/6089-00 ME/6240-00
ME/5344-00 ME/6003-00 ME/6096-00 ME/6244-00
ME/5345-00 ME/6004-00 ME/6097-00 ME/6247-00
ME/5400-00 ME/6009-00 ME/6098-00 ME/6248-00
ME/5401-00 ME/6017-00 ME/6099-00 ME/6251-00
ME/5403-00 ME/6018-00 ME/6101-00 ME/6252-00
ME/5404-00 ME/6019-00 ME/6102-00 ME/6254-00
ME/5929-00 ME/6024-00 ME/6104-00 ME/6256-00
ME/5929-01 ME/6025-00 ME/6109-00 ME/6260-00
ME/5930-00 ME/6026-00 ME/6113-00 ME/6261-00
ME/5930-01 ME/6028-00 ME/6114-00 ME/6262-00
ME/5931-00 ME/6031-00 ME/6115-00 ME/6265-00
ME/5932-00 ME/6035-00 ME/6118-00 ME/6266-00
ME/5935-00 ME/6042-00 ME/6120-00 ME/6267-00
ME/5935-01 ME/6044-00 ME/6121-00 ME/6268-00
ME/5936-00 ME/6045-00 ME/6123-00 ME/6269-00
ME/6272F-00 ME/6355-00 ME/6428-00 MSH-1FAU12
ME/6276-00 ME/6357-00 ME/6430-00 MSH-1FBD02
ME/6277-00 ME/6358-00 ME/6431-00 MSH-1FBL13
ME/6280-00 ME/6360-00 ME/6432-00 MSH-1FBL14
ME/6281-00 ME/6364-00 ME/6434-00 MSH-1FBS06
ME/6286-00 ME/6366-00 ME/6435-00 MSH1FBU56
ME/6289-00 ME/6367-00 ME/6436-00 MSH-1FBW03
ME/6294-00 ME/6370-00 ME/6437-00 MSH-1FBW08
ME/6295-00 ME/6371-00 ME/6440-00 MSH1FBW27
ME/6296-00 ME/6372-00 ME/6442-00 MSH1FBW39
ME/6300-00 ME/6374-00 ME/6443-00 MSH-1FCB10
ME/6301-00 ME/6379-00 ME/6444-00 MSH-1FCE01
ME/6303-00 ME/6380-00 ME/6445-00 MSH-1FCE34
ME/6304-00 ME/6381-00 ME/6446-00 MSH-1FCF01
ME/6305-00 ME/6382-00 ME/6448-00 MSH-536
ME/6309-00 ME/6385-00 ME/6450-00 MSH-B507
ME/6310-00 ME/6386-00 ME/6451-00 MSH-D534
ME/6311-00 ME/6387-00 ME/6452-00 MSH-D536
ME/6314-00 ME/6395-00 ME/6455-00 MSH-S386
ME/6315-00 ME/6397-00 ME/6457-00 MSU1FDJ31
ME/6316-00 ME/6400-00 ME/6458-00 MSU1FFW06A
ME/6317-00 ME/6401-00 ME/6461-00 MSU1FPW15
ME/6325-00 ME/6403-00 ME/6464-00 MSUIFDQ504
ME/6328-00 ME/6404-00 ME/6465-00 MXFC5002
ME/6331-00 ME/6405-00 ME/6469-00 NF2038BM
ME/6333-00 ME/6406-00 ME/6473-00 NF2047BM
ME/6334-00 ME/6408-00 ME/6476-00 NTEFC550
ME/6335-00 ME/6409-00 ME/6477-00 NTEFC649
ME/6337-00 ME/6410-00 ME/6478-00 NTEFC686
ME/6338-00 ME/6412-00 ME/6480-00 NTEFT102
ME/6340-00 ME/6416-00 ME/6481-00 NTEFT107
ME/6341-00 ME/6418-00 ME/6495-00 NTEFT108
ME/6342-00 ME/6419-00 MF-3095 NTEFT115
ME/6347-00 ME/6421-00 MHCFT-915 NTEFT135
ME/6348-00 ME/6422-00 MS1770II NTEFT162
ME/6349-00 ME/6423-00 MSH-0536 NTEFT163
ME/6352-00 ME/6424-00 MSH1-536 NTEFT167
ME/6353-00 ME/6425-00 MSH1FAK13 NTEFT168
ME/6354-00 ME/6426-00 MSH1FAP14 NTEFT170
NTEFT171 TVL116  
NTEFT173 Y260582  

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