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A flyback transformer (FBT), also called a line output transformer (LOPT), is a special transformer, which is used for conversion of energy (current and voltage) in electronic circuits. It was initially designed to generate high current sawtooth signals at a relatively high frequency. In modern applications is used extensively in switched-mode power supplies for both low (3V) and high voltage (over 10 kV) supplies.

It was invented as a means to control the horizontal movement of the electron beam in a cathode ray tube (CRT). Unlike conventional transformers, a flyback transformer is not fed with a signal of the same waveshape as the intended output current. A convenient side effect of such a transformer is the considerable energy that is available in its magnetic circuit. This can be exploited using extra windings that can be used to provide power to operate other parts of the equipment. In particular, very high voltages are easily obtained using relatively few turns of winding which, once rectified, can provide the very high accelerating voltage for a CRT. Many more recent applications of such a transformer dispense with the need to produce high currents and just use the device as a relatively efficient means of producing a wide range of lower voltages using a transformer much smaller than a conventional mains transformer would be.

The flyback transformer is used in the operation of CRT-display devices such as television sets and CRT computer monitors. The voltage and frequency can each range over a wide scale depending on the device. For example, a large color TV CRT may require 20 to 50 kV with a horizontal scan rate of 15.734 kHz for NTSC devices. Unlike a power (or 'mains') transformer which uses an alternating current of 50 or 60 Hertz, a flyback transformer typically operates with switched currents at much higher frequencies in the range of 15 kHz to 50 kHz.


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THOMSON JF0501-3546 FBT41294   VESTEL 003582106 FBT41285   TELRA 1142.5157 A FBT41290
BEKO JF0501-3551 FBT41302   DIEMEN 0043026603 FBT40167   PROFILO 1142.5157 B FBT41290
PHILIPS JF0501-8601 FBT41337   SCHNEIDER 01 113 71 FBT41334   TELRA 1142.51572 FBT41290
PHILIPS JF0501-8602 FBT41307   NORDMENDE 0103-03A     LG 1142.7013 FBT41178
                BEKO 1142.7030 A FBT41312
FBT41285             GRUNDIG 1142.7030 A FBT41312
PHILIPS JF0501-8603 FBT41322   TEVION 0103-03A FBT41285   AKAI 1182.0827 FBT40372
PHILIPS JF0501-8604 FBT41308   QUELLE 039 756 2 FBT40400   UNIVERSUM 1182.0827 FBT40372
PHILIPS JF0501-8605 FBT41338   BEKO 040.009-TR2 FBT41336   FINLUX 1182.0827 A FBT40372
PHILIPS JF0501-8608 FBT41339   MEDION 040.009-TR2 FBT41336   NOKIA 1182.0827 A FBT40372
FUNAI LTF00CPXB038 FBT41340   BEKO 040.014R-J1 FBT41302   UNIVERSUM 1182.0827 B FBT40372
FUNAI LTF00CPXB040 FBT41324   BEKO 040.024-EL2 FBT41342   FINLUX 1182.9006 FBT40400
FUNAI LTF00CPXB044 FBT41324   BEKO 040.024R-E2 FBT41342   NOKIA 1182.9006 FBT40400
FUNAI LTF00CPXB046 FBT41332   BEKO 040.024R-T2 FBT41342   QUELLE 1182.9006 FBT40400
FUNAI LTF00CPXB051 FBT41332   BEKO 040.024-TR2 FBT41342   NOKIA 1182.9006 B FBT40400
ORAVA M 12-113 FBT40963   BEKO 040.027-TR2 FBT41344     AKAI 1192.0997 FBT41291
SHARP M 12-167 FBT40958   MEDION 040.027-TR2 FBT41344     NOKIA 1192.0997 FBT41291
SONY NC-4522//M3B4 FBT41295   BEKO 040.130R-J1 FBT41304   KONG WAH 1192.0997 A FBT41291
SHARP NF 2047 BM FBT40959   BEKO 040.146R-J1 FBT41301     AKAI 1192.0997 B FBT41291
SONY NX-1680//U2B4 FBT40834   BEKO 040.150R-J1 FBT41303   FINLUX 1192.0997 B FBT41291
SONY NX-1680/00 FBT40834   BEKO 040.S01R-J1 FBT41305     NOKIA 1192.0997 B FBT41291
SONY NX-1681//U2B4 FBT41296   QUELLE 056 454 2 FBT41291   ONWA 1192.0997 B FBT41291
SONY NX-4003/U2B4 FBT40838   BEKO 058.231-TR2 FBT41345   SEMITECH 1192.0997 B FBT41291
SONY NX-4521 FBT40835   BEKO 058.533-TR5 FBT41333     ONWA 1192.09970 FBT41291
SONY NX-4521//Z FBT40835   MEDION 058.533-TR5 FBT41333     PHILIPS 1192.1267 FBT40167
OTTO-VERSAND NX-4521//Z2B4 FBT40835   BEKO 058.735R-T3   SHARP 1302.0047 FBT41286
                LG 1352.5054 FBT41314
FBT41313             PHILIPS 1362.0016 FBT41178
SONY NX-4522//U FBT41295   BEKO 058.735-TR3 FBT41313     PHILIPS 1362.0016 A FBT41178
SONY NX-4522//Z FBT41295   BEKO 058.752-EL1 FBT41312     PHILIPS 1362.0016 B FBT41178
SONY NX-4522//Z2B4 FBT41295   BEKO 058.752R-E1 FBT41312   PHILIPS 1362.3022 FBT40167
SONY NX-4522/U FBT41295   TECHNISAT 073-5015-0001-00 FBT41297   AKAI 1362.3037 FBT41291
PHILIPS OV 2076/21411 FBT41178   SANYO 094-01094/0.8 FBT41139   NOKIA 1362.3037 FBT41291
SAMSUNG OV 2076/21411 FBT41178   SANYO 094-01103/07 FBT41309   TECHNISAT 1362.5015 A FBT41297
PHILIPS OV 2094/20890 FBT41310   SANYO 094-01103/1.5 FBT41309   DAEWOO 1362.5039 A FBT41343
PHILIPS OV 2094/20891 FBT41310   FERGUSON 100 427 60 FBT40613   DAEWOO 1362.5067 FBT41319
RADIOLA OV 2094/20891 FBT41310   NORDMENDE 100 427 60   SONY 1362.5068 A FBT40834
                THOMSON 1372.0109 FBT41317
FBT40613             BEKO 1372.0122 A FBT41342
PHILIPS OV 2094/21620 FBT41310   TELEFUNKEN 100 427 60     GRUNDIG 1372.0122 A FBT41342
                DAEWOO 1372.0136 FBT41318
FBT40613             BEKO 1372.7081 FBT41320
PHILIPS OV 2094/21621 FBT41310   NORDMENDE 101 590 50     SONY 1372.7083 A FBT40835
                SONY 1372.7083 B FBT40835
FBT40632             SONY 1372.7084 A FBT41296
PHILIPS OV 2094/21622 FBT41310   TELEFUNKEN 101 590 50     SONY 1372.7085 A FBT40838
                SONY 1372.7087 FBT41295
FBT40632             TELRA 1372.8821 FBT41321
SHARP RNF 2047 BM FBT40959   AKAI 101 N 128001-04 FBT41291   TECNIMAGEN 138 20882 FBT41316
SHARP RTRNF2047BMZZ FBT40959   KONG WAH 101 N 128001-04   PHILIPS 138 21411 FBT41178
                SANYO 1412.5004 FBT41139
FBT41291             NECKERMANN 1-453-222-11 FBT40838
SHARP RTRNF2074BMVO FBT40958   CLATRONIC 103 039 40     OTTO-VERSAND 1-453-222-11 FBT40838
                QUELLE 1-453-222-11 FBT40838
FBT41297             SONY 1-453-222-11 FBT40838
SHARP RTRNF2074BMZZ FBT40958   ELEMIS 103 039 40 FBT41297   SONY 1-453-222-21 FBT40838
SHARP RTRNFA014WJZZ FBT41286   PROFILO 103 039 40 FBT41297   SONY 1-453-264-11 FBT40834
SCHAUB LORENZ TR 209 FBT41341   RADIOTONE 103 039 40     SONY 1-453-265-11 FBT41296
                Manufacturer Original Part No. Classic Part No.
FBT41297             SONY 1-453-308-11 FBT40835
JVC VE30017521 FBT41285   RFT 103 039 40 FBT41297     SONY 1-453-308-21 FBT40835
SONY X45601581 FBT40835   SAMSUNG 103 039 40 FBT41297   OTTO-VERSAND 1-453-308-31 FBT40835
   SILVA SCHNEIDER 103 039 40 FBT41297       SONY 1-453-308-31 FBT40835
Manufacturer Original Part No. Classic Part No.   TELRA 103 039 40   SONY 1-453-308-32 FBT40835
                SONY 1-453-308-41 FBT40835
FBT41297             SONY 1-453-325-11 FBT41295
CLATRONIC BSC-27-N2205 A1 FBT41341   THOMSON 103 039 40   SONY 1-453-325-12 FBT41295
                SONY 1-453-340-11 FBT41295
FBT41297             SONY 1-453-340-21 FBT41295
JVC BSC48C FBT41285   ORAVA 104 501 90 FBT40963     SONY 1-453-340-31 FBT41295
NORDMENDE BSC48C FBT41285   OVP 104 501 90 FBT40963     SONY 1-453-340-32 FBT41295
SEG BSC48C FBT41285   FISHER 107 630 10 FBT41309     SONY 1-453-340-41 FBT41295
TEVION BSC48C FBT41285   SANYO 107 630 10 FBT41309     SINUDYNE 20880 FBT41316
UNIVERSUM BSC48C FBT41285   THOMSON 108 367 80 FBT41317   SINUDYNE 20881 FBT41316
VESTEL BSC48C FBT41285   THOMSON 108 555 50 FBT41315     SINUDYNE 20883 FBT41316
SEG BSC48D FBT41298   TELRA 1142.5140 FBT41311     SINUDYNE 20884 FBT41316
VESTEL BSC48D FBT41298   SANYO 1142.5140 A FBT41311     PHILIPS 20890 FBT41310
VESTEL BSC48G FBT41299   TELRA 1142.5140 A FBT41311     PHILIPS 20891 FBT41310
VESTEL BSC48H FBT41300   WORTEN 1142.5140 A FBT41311   THOMSON 212 920 00 FBT41293
SHARP CTRNF2047BMV0 FBT40959   TELRA 1142.51402 FBT41311   THOMSON 212 920 0A FBT41293
SHARP CTRNF2074BMV0 FBT40958            THOMSON 214 246 40 FBT41294
SHARP CTRNF2074BMVO FBT40958   Manufacturer Original Part No.   THOMSON 214 246 4A FBT41294
                PHILIPS 21411 FBT41178
Classic Part No.             PHILIPS 21620 FBT41310
PHILIPS DU 2094/20891 FBT41310   MEDION 00021331 FBT41285   RADIOLA 21620 FBT41310
SHARP F 014 WJH FBT41286   SEG 00021331 FBT41285     PHILIPS 21621 FBT41310
SHARP F 2047 BM FBT40959   SHARP 003071007 FBT40959     PHILIPS 21622 FBT41310
SHARP F 2074 BM FBT40958   ORAVA 003311142 FBT40963     RADIOLA 21622 FBT41310
PHILIPS F01A.0001 FBT41325   SHARP 003311196 FBT40958     PHILIPS 2422 531 00045 FBT41326
PHILIPS F01A.0007 FBT41326   SCHAUB LORENZ 003313115     PHILIPS 2422 531 00047 FBT41308
                PHILIPS 2422 531 00052 FBT41337
FBT41341             PHILIPS 2422 531 00053 FBT41307
VESTEL F01B.0001 FBT41285   NOKIA 003321135 FBT40372     PHILIPS 2422 531 00054 FBT41322
VESTEL F01B.0002 FBT41299   BEKO 003321170 FBT41333     PHILIPS 2422 531 00055 FBT41338
PHILIPS F02A.0012 FBT41327   GRUNDIG 003321170 FBT41333   PHILIPS 2422 531 00084 FBT41339
THOMSON F02A.0021 FBT41292   MEDION 003321170 FBT41333   PHILIPS 2422 531 00089 FBT41306
BEKO F02A.0022 FBT41303   BEKO 003321177 FBT41344     PHILIPS 2422 531 02407 FBT41323
BEKO F02A.0023 FBT41305   MEDION 003321177 FBT41344     PHILIPS 2422 531 02467 FBT41329
VESTEL F02B.0001 FBT41298   BEKO 003321185 FBT41345     PHILIPS 2422 531 02469 FBT41330
VESTEL F02B.0002 FBT41300   GRUNDIG 003321185 FBT41345   PHILIPS 2422 531 02505 FBT41325
PHILIPS F03A.0003 FBT41306   BEKO 003321186 FBT41313     PHILIPS 2422 531 02542 FBT41327
FUNAI F03A.0009 FBT41340   GRUNDIG 003321186 FBT41313     PHILIPS 2422 531 02581 FBT41331
FUNAI F03A.0010 FBT41332   BEKO 003321187 FBT41336     PHILIPS 2422 531 98047 FBT41178
PHILIPS F05A.0001 FBT41307   MEDION 003321187 FBT41336     SEG 30017520 FBT41298
PHILIPS F05A.0002 FBT41308   PROSONIC 003321187 FBT41336   VESTEL 30017520 FBT41298
PHILIPS F05A.0003 FBT41337   BEKO 003323118 FBT41342     JVC 30017521 FBT41285
PHILIPS F05A.0004 FBT41322   THOMSON 003370118 FBT40632   MEDION 30017521 FBT41285
PHILIPS F05A.0005 FBT41338   SCHNEIDER 003582102     SEG 30017521 FBT41285
                TEVION 30017521 FBT41285
FBT41334             UNIVERSUM 30017521 FBT41285
PHILIPS F05A.0006 FBT41339   THOMSON 003582102 FBT41334   VESTEL 30017521 FBT41285
THOMSON F06A.0001 FBT41293            VESTEL 30037592 FBT41299
THOMSON F06A.0003 FBT41294            VESTEL 30037593 FBT41300
BEKO F06A.0004 FBT41302              PHILIPS 3122 138 37055 FBT40167
BEKO F07A.0001 FBT41301              SILVA SCHNEIDER 3128 138 20882 FBT41316
BEKO F07A.0002 FBT41304              SINUDYNE 3128 138 20882 FBT41316
FUNAI F07A.0003 FBT41324              TATUNG 3128 138 20882 FBT41316
FUNAI F07A.0004 FBT41324                   
PHILIPS F14N.5001 FBT41310                
SANYO F14N.5002 FBT41309                
ELDOR F36N.3011 FBT41315                
ELDOR F36N.3011 B FBT41315              
SHARP F36N.3018 FBT40958                
SINUDYNE F36N.5006 FBT41316              
KOENIG-ELECTRONIC FAT 30167 FBT40167            
KOENIG-ELECTRONIC FAT 30372 FBT40372            
KOENIG-ELECTRONIC FAT 30400 FBT40400            
SONY FMA 0010 FBT40834                
SONY FMA 0011 FBT40838                
BEKO H 32-75 FBT41333                
BEKO H 32-84 FBT41344                
BEKO H 32-92 FBT41345                
Manufacturer Original Part No. Classic Part No.            
GRUNDIG H 32-93 FBT41313                
PROSONIC H 32-94 FBT41336                
NORDMENDE H89G4966-01 FBT40613              
SANYO HFT 3668 FBT41139                
SHARP HR 1AP1 8181 FBT40958              
SHARP HR 1NP 7345 FBT40959              
DIEMEN HR 1VP2 8388 FBT41178              
DIEMEN HR 6214 FBT40167                
DIEMEN HR 6371 FBT40372                
DIEMEN HR 6459 FBT40613                
DIEMEN HR 6462 FBT40632                
DIEMEN HR 6599 FBT41297                
DIEMEN HR 7345 FBT40959                
DIEMEN HR 8002 FBT40963                
DIEMEN HR 80077 FBT41285                
DIEMEN HR 8027 FBT41291                
DIEMEN HR 8123 FBT41314                
DIEMEN HR 8181 FBT40958                
SHARP HR 8181 FBT40958                
DIEMEN HR 8237 FBT41316                
DIEMEN HR 8371 FBT41310                
DIEMEN HR 8372 FBT40834                
DIEMEN HR 8388 FBT41178                
DIEMEN HR 8411 FBT41139                
DIEMEN HR 8520 FBT41296                
DIEMEN HR 8566 FBT40838                
DIEMEN HR 8579 FBT40835                
DIEMEN HR 8638 FBT41295                
DIEMEN HR 8830 FBT41286                
PHILIPS JF0101-85002 FBT41325              
PHILIPS JF0101-85032 FBT41326              
PHILIPS JF0501.8604 FBT41308              
PHILIPS JF0501-19105 FBT41323              
TCL JF0501-19105 FBT41323                
PHILIPS JF0501-1914 FBT41335              
TCL JF0501-1914 FBT41335                
THOMSON JF0501-19565 FBT41292              
BEKO JF0501-19566 FBT41303              
BEKO JF0501-19573 FBT41305              
PHILIPS JF0501-19816 FBT41327              
SKYWORTH JF0501-21119 A FBT41328              
PHILIPS JF0501-21123 FBT41306              
PHILIPS JF0501-2132 FBT41329              
PHILIPS JF0501-2134 FBT41330              
SKYWORTH JF0501-2186 A FBT41288              
TENSAI JF0501-2186 A FBT41288              
FUNAI JF0501-2189 FBT41340                
PHILIPS JF0501-2601 FBT41331              
FUNAI JF0501-3201 FBT41324                
FUNAI JF0501-3201 A FBT41324              
PHILIPS JF0501-3201 A FBT41324              
FUNAI JF0501-3201 L FBT41324              
BEKO JF0501-3254 FBT41301                
BEKO JF0501-3257 FBT41304                
FUNAI JF0501-3301 FBT41332                
FUNAI JF0501-3301-G FBT41332              
PHILIPS JF0501-3301-G FBT41332              
THOMSON JF0501-3523 FBT41293              
Manufacturer Original Part No. Classic Part No.            
TECNIMAGEN 3128 138 20882 FBT41316