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A flyback transformer (FBT), also called a line output transformer (LOPT), is a special transformer, which is used for conversion of energy (current and voltage) in electronic circuits. It was initially designed to generate high current sawtooth signals at a relatively high frequency. In modern applications is used extensively in switched-mode power supplies for both low (3V) and high voltage (over 10 kV) supplies.

It was invented as a means to control the horizontal movement of the electron beam in a cathode ray tube (CRT). Unlike conventional transformers, a flyback transformer is not fed with a signal of the same waveshape as the intended output current. A convenient side effect of such a transformer is the considerable energy that is available in its magnetic circuit. This can be exploited using extra windings that can be used to provide power to operate other parts of the equipment. In particular, very high voltages are easily obtained using relatively few turns of winding which, once rectified, can provide the very high accelerating voltage for a CRT. Many more recent applications of such a transformer dispense with the need to produce high currents and just use the device as a relatively efficient means of producing a wide range of lower voltages using a transformer much smaller than a conventional mains transformer would be.

The flyback transformer is used in the operation of CRT-display devices such as television sets and CRT computer monitors. The voltage and frequency can each range over a wide scale depending on the device. For example, a large color TV CRT may require 20 to 50 kV with a horizontal scan rate of 15.734 kHz for NTSC devices. Unlike a power (or 'mains') transformer which uses an alternating current of 50 or 60 Hertz, a flyback transformer typically operates with switched currents at much higher frequencies in the range of 15 kHz to 50 kHz.


HR8099 BG2097-642-332 FSA16012M FTK14A004   38144 AT2077/8 AT2079/13 F0015CE
HR8100 BG2097-642-339 FSA17013M FTK14A004P          
HR8102 BG2097-642-419 FSA24006S FTK14B001   38280 AT2077/80 AT2079/13A F0016CE
HR8103 BG2097-642-501 FSA24008S FTK14B004          
HR8106 BG2097-642-505 FSA25023S FTK14B006   38281 AT2077/81 AT2079/17 F0020ME-SA
HR8108 BG2097-642-507 FSA25032S FTK-14B011          
HR8116 LG FSA26012M FTK20A005     38282 AT2077/81A AT2079/18 F0027
HR8118 6174V-7001A FSA28013M  FTK20B001          
HR8122 6174V-7001B FSA28014M FTK-20B003A   38283 AT2077/81T AT2079/19 F0027CE
HR8124 6174V-8003A FSA28023M FTK-20B009          
HR8126 6174V-8008A FSA28027M FTK20B011   38284 AT2077/83 AT2079/21 F0027CEM
HR8128 6174Z-6012A FSA32014 FTK21B001          
HR8138 6174Z-6099 FSA32014M FTL14A005   38285 AT2077/83E AT2079/23 F0027CE-M
HR8143 6174Z-6099G FSA36012M FUH29A001(S)          
HR8161 6174Z-6099N FSA37024S FUH29A002(S)   38454 AT2077/83EP AT2079/30101 F0027PE
HR8170 6174Z-6229L FSA37025M FUV20A002          
HR8188 6174Z-8001 FSA37026M FUV20A006   38820 AT2077/83ZP AT2079/30102 F0027PEM
HR8196 6174Z-8004A FSA38012M FUV20A006A          
HR8218 6174Z-8004B FSA38026S FUV20A009   38821 AT2077/88 AT2079/37593 F0027PE-M
HR8225 6174Z-8004C-1 FSA39012S G31100040          
HR8240 6174Z-8004D  FSA39013M HFT013   38822 AT2077/88E AT2079/40 F0029PE
HR8279 6174Z-8005A FSAJ0012M HFT013UGDIUL          
HR8304 6174Z-8005C FSB14B001 HFT125UGL   38825 AT2078 AT2079/40V F0032PE-M
HR8320 6174Z-8005E FST1125-110 HFT14          
HR8358 6174Z-8006A FST1125F012/64 HFT3601   38920 AT2078/20 AT2079/41 F0036CE
HR8366 6174Z-8008A FSV14A004C HFT3607A          
TRIPLER DNF-FA2002 FSV14A004S HFT3608A   38921 AT2078/20301 AT2079/51 F0042PE-M
BG1895-641-045 DNF-FA2002A FSV14B003 HFT3609        
BG1895-641-078 DNF-FA2002B FSV-14B003C HFT661 38922 AT2078/20311 AT2079/52 F0049PEZZ
BG1895-641-113 DNF-FA2003 FSV-14B003S HFT801        
BG1895-641-444 DNF-FA2014 FSV14B005 HFT905C 20C GR JU 38923 AT2078/20611 AT2079/81A F0050PEZZ
BG1895-641-449 DNF-FA2017 FSV20A001 HFT905CEN        
BG1895-641-505 DNF-FA2040 FSV20A001A HFT905EC2 38924 AT2078/20671 AT2079/88E F0051
BG2077-642-1001 DNF-FA2041 FSV20B001 HFT905P        
BG2077-642-1004 DNF-FC1401 FSV20B001A HFT945PFJ 38925 AT2078/20681 AT2079/99 F0051CE
BG2087-642-1006 DNF-FC1404B FSV20B001S HFT946        
BG2087-643-1009 DNF-FC1434 FSV20B013 JF0101-0101 62930 AT2078/20G AT2079/AO F0054
BG2087-643-5019 DNF-FC1445 FSV21B007 JF0101-0110A        
BG2097-642-306 DNF-FD2139 FSV21B008 JF0101-0702A 67629 AT2078/21 AT2079/B5 F0054CE
BG2097-642-310 FSA15012S FTK14004P JF0101-0702B        
JF0101-0705 KF58159N TR038 TR101     70940 AT2078/24 AT2079/B7 F0055
JF0208-0208 KF58256V TR039 TR102            
JF0208-0208B KF58334D TR040 TR103     200418 AT2078/50 AT2079/S1 F0055CE
JF0208-0210A KF58422M TR041 TR1037            
JF0208-0210B KF74129P TR043 TR104     215539 AT2078/83 AT2079/SO F0057
JF0208-0236A   KF74163S TR044 TR109            
JF0501-0301 KF7489 TR045 TR110     215540 AT2078/83I AT2079-37590 F0057CE
JF0501-0500B KF9503C TR046 TR112            
JF0501-0501 KFB1017K TR047 TR113     220037 AT2078/83TB AT2079-37593 F0058
JF0501-0901 KFT2AB095F TR049 TR116            
JF0501-1212 KFT3AB041X TR050 TR117     307001 AT2078/83TI AT2079/37622 F0058CE
JF0501-1214A KFT4AA028F TR051 TR118          
JF0501-1909A KFT4AA028F TR052 TR120   440760 AT2078/B4 AT2092/16 F0059
JF0501-1914 KK30082FK TR060 TR121            
JF0501-19229 KK30436FH TR061 TR123     472359 AT2078/SO AT2097/30102 F0059CE
OV2076/20581 KK30486  TR063 TR138            
OV2094/20091 KL9 TR064 TR152     AT2075/30102 AT2078-20311 AT2097-37591 F0061
OV2094/20092 TR TR066 TR157            
OV2094/20093 TR01 TR067 TR161     AT2076/01 AT2079/00 SHARP F0061CE
OV2094/20411 TR012 TR069 TR162            
OV2094/20661 TR013 TR071 TR163     AT2076/02 AT2079/09 F0003 F0063PE-M
OV2094/32202 TR014 TR073 TR164            
OV2094/40 TR015 TR075 TR165     AT2076/30 AT2079/09T F0004 F0069
OV2094/41A TR016 TR076 TR166            
OV2094/42 TR017 TR077 TR167     AT2076/51 AT2079/10 F0009 F0069CE
OV2094/50 TR018 TR078 TR169            
PET-19-00    TR02 TR079 TR174     AT2076/81 AT2079/10A F0011 F0069PE
PET-19-01 TR020 TR080 TR175            
PET-19-03B TR022 TR081 TR179     AT2076/81A AT2079/10B F0011CE F0069PE-H
PET-19-21 TR023 TR082 TR180            
PET-19-24 TR024 TR083 TR181     AT2077/32 AT2079/10C F0011ME F0069PE-M
PET-19-33B TR026 TR084 TR191            
PET-22-02 TR028 TR089 TR191     AT2077/34 AT2079/10D F0011PE-D F0104PE
PET-22-23 TR029 TR090 TR192            
PET-32-01 TR030 TR091 TR193     AT2077/34M AT2079/11 F0011PE-M F0120PE-H
KF48193 TR032 TR093 TR194              
KF48193P TR032 TR097 TR197       AT2077/35 AT2079/12 F0014CE F0147PE-M
KF58149 TR033 TR098 TR201              
KF58159 TR034 TR100 TR202       AT2077/38 AT2079/12ZP F0015  F0156PE-B
            F1119 F1416CE F1700CE F2023BM
            F1119CE F1419CE F1702CE F2023BMZZ
            F1143 F1442CE F1711CE F2024BM
            F1143CE F1445CE F1717CE F2024BMZZ
            F1149CE F1446CE F1720CE F2030BM
            F1153CE F1452CE F1723 F2032BM
            F1177CE F1458CE F1723CE F2033BM
            F1180 F1483CE F1725CE F2038BM
            F1180CE F1484CE F1726CE F2039BM
            F1182CE F154D F1734CE F2049BM
            F1204-1 F1550CE F1735 F2092
            F120H401 F1561CE F1735CE F2092CE
            F12104-1 F1562CE F1747CE F3796 
            F1231CBLA F1581CE F1749CE F3796CE
            F1232CE F1584CE F1751CE F5044
            F1245 F1588 F1757CE F5044CE
            F1245CE F1588CE F1758CE F650H401
            F1250CE F1601 F1759N F650H701
            F1251CE F1601CE F1773CE F650H701/31
            F1254CE F1608CE F1783BM F660H701
            F1257CE F1609CE F1787CE F740H401
            F1260CE F1615CE F1789CE F760H701
            F1261CE F1619 F1790CE F760H702
            F1283CE F1621 F1826CE F-801 
            F1307CE F1621CE F1838CE F860H401
            F1308CE F1644CE F1838CE F860H401A
            F1325CE F1647CE F1856CE F860H701
            F1327 F1650CE F1892N1 F960H702
            F1327CE F1654CE F1896CE F980H701
            F1332CE F1657CE F1923 F990H401
            F1335CE F1659CE F1923CE F990H701
            F1372CE F1665CE F2000BM FA2002
            F1374CE F1674CE F2000BM1 FA2002A
            F1374CE-D F1685 F2000CE FA2002B
            F1381CE F1687CE F2003BM FA2003
            F1382CE F1689 F2005BM FA2003B
            F1390CE F1689CE F2005BM FA2014
            F1398CE F1691CE F2006BM FA2017 
            F1412CE F1693 F2006BMZZ FA2040
            F1412CEN1 F1693CE F2021BM FA2041

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